Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Is Proper Timing Important When Scheduling An Air Conditioning Repair?

air-conditioning-300x200.jpgInquire from a dozen HVAC specialists about the key to less frequent and pricey air conditioning repair and prolonged systems life and they will affirm with certainty that routinely scheduled preventive maintenance and cleaning is the key. In the summertime, improper functioning of air conditioning systems can result in high indoor temperatures. Proper timing is therefore of supreme importance when it comes to scheduling the air conditioning repair. Another benefit of having well-timed routine maintenance is that it helps to detect any problem with your A/C system, thereby guaranteeing you that your system will not falter or even break down, which can possibly cost you an arm and a leg in repair and replacement. Furthermore, with the costs of energy skyrocketing each passing day, a properly functioning unit consumes less energy and you pay less monthly bills. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians and contractors have the necessary practical experience, competence and expertise in numerous elements and aspects related to ventilation, heating, and air conditioners operations. They also have the necessary equipment and are better educated in knowing which tool/equipment to use where and for what reason. You should, therefore, hire them for all year round servicing of your system.

What Is The Ideal Time For Scheduling Your Air Conditioning Repair?

The Myrtle Beach HVAC system ensures that you are comfortable in most times of the year. During the cold months of winter, your HVAC system works around the clock to make you, along with your family warmer and comfortable. As the summer season continues, it works even harder to make them cozy and cool. With all right intents and reasons, you need to have your air conditioning Myrtle Beach serviced in between wintertime and just before the summer season. It is far better to have a service call carried out when the outdoor temperatures are warmer. At this time, you are less likely to need them to maintain the indoor temperatures. Likewise, servicing should also be done when the temperatures are cooler than they will be in summer. So, what is the ideal time? The ideal for servicing is springtime right before the temperatures begin to rise and again in the fall when the temperatures start to drop. The HVAC contractor you choose to contact will certainly make an appointment and visit your place of residence so as to access, and effectively inspect every part of your system. You should ensure that you are free on the appointed day. The technician undertakes a number of inspections and maintenance but this will typically include:
  • Replacing and cleaning the air filters.
  • Tightening the loose screws.
  • Removing any dirt, rubble, and debris that might be present in the compressor unit.
  • Eliminating any blockage in grills or duct-work.
The majority of air conditioning repair professionals will have a routine maintenance guide/checklist anytime they show up in your home for service. The types of maintenance services and repairs they might conduct are vast. Nevertheless, regardless of the maintenance service and repair type they choose to perform, it will greatly help in ensuring that the system functions effectively throughout summer, and without any hitch. Taking into account that your HVAC system plays a central role in your health, your ease and comfort, and your overall well being, the cash you spend for routine preventive repairs and maintenance will greatly ensure that you lead a comfortable life. Besides, it goes a long way in ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and fresh, which is a big plus for people suffering from asthma and/or are allergic. To derive maximum benefits, the issue of hiring a technician fitted for the job comes into play. After all that is said and done, you have to ensure that the person doing the services has the necessary qualifications. In case you have never hired a service technician or an air conditioning specialist/contractor before, background research is essential. Make sure that the one you settle on is certified, bonded and insured for the work. Ensure that they are from a reputable company in Myrtle Beach. This goes a long way in helping you do away with fly by night companies while ensuring that servicing and repair work is done appropriately.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

When You Need An Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

air-conditioning-6-300x200.jpgIf you are living in a place with warmer climate or if you are currently enduring hot summer months, emergency air conditioner repair is one of your main priorities especially when your system breaks down unexpectedly. But, this shouldn’t be the only time you ensure that your unit is always in top condition. Since an air conditioning system is an important component of any office, apartment, or home, and often considered as a necessity by many people, this system needs to be fully functional at all times.

Why Do You Need Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

At the same time, since it is used regularly, and because of the fact that it contains various components that deteriorate over time, emergency air conditioner repair Myrtle Beach is inevitable. Having said that, it’s not only about ensuring your unit gets repaired once it has broken down and left you to sweat because of the heat for several days. To ensure that you take great care of the unit and remain on top of the problem, there are several times when it could be best to get in touch with your air conditioning repair contractor. The most obvious and best time for an air conditioner contractor to check and test your unit is before the time of the year when you will be using the system the most. For several people, this between the spring time and summer. During these seasons, your system will be used regularly. The units that have been sitting idly by during the colder seasons may start to exhibit problems. For homeowners who have just finished different kinds of construction projects around their houses, including renovation, replacement of other systems, or other comprehensive projects that might have involved working close to the air conditioning system, having a contractor check the unit out to make sure that nothing has been damaged or compromised is good proactive move that you can make. Additionally, in case you are thinking of selling your house, ensuring that your air conditioning unit is working properly is very important. Since potential homeowners will most certainly want to make sure that everything in the house is working properly, they may likely want for their own contractor to check the unit and the entire house. Lastly, if you are planning to buy a house or any similar structure, let an air conditioning repair company to check the state of the system you are about to purchase. This is a smart move. It will save you the hassle of having to deal with problems later on and avoid wasting money in the future.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Hot Summer Air Conditioning Repair Tips

air-conditioning-5-300x200.jpgTo keep your cool all summer long, you should have already “tuned up” your entire heating and cooling system before the hot weather hits, but even if you didn’t do that, it’s not too late to call for a quick “once over.”  It may save you bunches of cash later on when the sweltering heat of July and August and even the Indian summer days of September and October take their toll. A few simple air conditioning repair tweaks here and there are all it will take to ensure that your air conditioning unit is operating at maximum efficiency and will keep you cool as long as the temperatures are rising outside.

Here are a few tips from Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning experts and from the United States Department of Energy

  • Weather stripping - It’s not enough to just keep the warm air outside your home; you have to keep the cool air inside as well.  Pay close attention to the weather stripping around your doors and windows, and the caulking, too.  It’s wise to have lots of insulation both in the attic as well as underneath a home that is not sitting on a slab.
  • Vents- How are your vents working?  Is the air flowing freely and properly?  Check out the ductwork for airflow leaks in the form of holes or even joints that are separated.  You could try to fix these things on your own, but the safest and wisest thing to do is call a air conditioning contractor.
  • Ducts - Sometimes your Myrtle Beach air conditioning system will require that ducts actually reside in spaces that are not air conditioned themselves, (garages, attics, crawl spaces, for example) and in these situations, the insulation of this conduits is critical.  Use lots of insulation material on your air conditioning ducts when they are found in spaces that are not cooled, such as in your garages, crawl spaces under your house, or in your attics.
  • SEER Rating - Do you know what your SEER rating is for your cooling system?  If you don’t, you should.  Those letters mean:  seasonal energy efficiency rating. With a higher SEER rating, your cooling system will be more efficient, and your power bills should be lower. You can upgrade to a unit with a higher SEER rating and save hundreds of dollars during the year on your electric bills. Should you need to replace your air conditioning unit or system, you should note that the United States Department of Energy passed a law that requires that all new cooling systems manufactured after January 23, 2006, must have a SEER rating of at least 13.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer Heat

air-conditioning-3-300x219.jpgThe first hot day of summer is just around the corner!  The last thing you need is to switch your unit over to central air and find that your air conditioner doesn’t work. Over the cooler months of winter your air conditioner sits idle and collects debris such as leaves and some general maintenance is needed to keep it running smoothly.  If this maintenance isn’t done before the dog days of summer arrive, you may find yourself sitting in the hot air waiting for an HVAC specialist to arrive.  Now is the time to take a good look at your AC system and make sure that it is in good working order.

Two Main Components Of An Air Conditioner

Your central air system contains a condenser (the pump that is located outside of your home) and an evaporator unit which can be found on the air handler.  These two components work together to extract the heat from your home using refrigeration technology.  The air handler will move the chilled air through the ductwork of your home and into the various rooms. If you have a problem with your refrigeration system you will want to call a air conditioning Myrtle Beach professional and not attempt to repair your air conditioner yourself.  However, there are certain maintenance tasks you can perform to make sure the unit is operating efficiently. You will want to turn off the power at the service panel before starting any maintenance project.  Typically you will find a 240-volt disconnect box near the unit which contains a lever, a circuit breaker or fuses which will shut off the condenser.  You will want to wait about 30 minutes for the charge in the capacitor to be released.

Steps For Maintenance 

1. Replace or clean the filters.  This should be done twice each year as the seasons change.  Dirty or clogged filters will cause the air flow to be restricted which reduces the efficiency of the unit.  Dirty filters will also cause dust to be filtered back into your home aggravating allergies. 2. Clean the condenser.  The condenser unit is usually located outside and is a large fan inside of a metal box with grill like sides.  The condenser is protected with cover to prevent debris from getting inside.  Make sure that the fan is free of leaves and debris. The fan moves the air over the condenser coils.  If debris gets inside of the unit the coils will clog which will obstruct the flow of air and reduce efficiency. To clean these coils you will want to remove the top and side panel from the unit.  Always make sure the power is off before you remove the panels.  Be careful not to pull on any wires connected to the fan. Use the soft brush on your vacuum cleaner and gently clean the coils. Use caution around the delicate fins.  If you should bend the fins, you can use a “fin comb” which is specifically made to straighten out the fins around the coils.  Once you have cleaned the outside of the coils, you can then vacuum them from the inside. If you find debris that seems to be lodged in the unit you can use a coil cleaner spray to remove it.  Be careful not to spray any electrical components.  You can use a hose to remove dirt, however, use caution.  You don’t want to flood the unit, spray water on electrical components or bend the fins. Scoop up any leaves at the base of the unit and if there is a drain you will want to make sure the drain is open. Look for any loose bolts and make sure they are tight.  Spray a few drops of WD-40 on any ports.  Then mop up any excess water and reassemble the condenser.  If you find any frayed lines you will want to have them replaced. Look around the unit and cut any weeds or vegetation that could interfere with the airflow of the unit. Make sure the unit has had time to dry before you turn on the power to the condenser.  Make sure the thermostat is set to Off, turn on the power at the main panel and then turn your thermostat to Cool. 3. Inspect the coolant lines of your air conditioner.  These are the tubes that run from the evaporator which is located on the air handler to the outside condenser.  They will typically be covered with insulation to prevent loss of energy.  Look for areas where the insulation may be frayed or had been removed by weather and replace it. You can save time and money by having an air conditioner professional do the work for you.  Now is the time to get your air conditioner ready for summer!

What Do You When Your Air Conditioning Unit Stops Working

There are moments when your air conditioning unit will fail to do its job or not function at all. No matter how you maintain and look after your unit, there will come a time when it ceases to function, and there are factors why this happens. When it does happen, you do not need to worry because there are relatively simple air conditioning repair and maintenance you can do. All you need are the right tools and enough information to do the job. However, while there are simple and easy to do air conditioning maintenance tasks, you still need the services of air conditioning professionals like Grand Strand Heating And Cooling when your unit stops working.

air-conditioning-2-300x198.jpgSimple Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks

Thermostat setups Usually, the main cause of non-functioning air conditioning unit is wrong thermostat setup. Some homeowners are unaware of correctly setting up the thermostat where you have to adjust the setting after turning on your HVAC system. Before calling any heating and cooling service provider, might as well check if you have the right thermostat setting first. Otherwise, readjust it to the right setting and then turn your air conditioning unit on again. If it still does not function properly, then you can call the professionals. There are some thermostats, especially the ones manufactured these days use more advanced technology that you are not aware of. Inside the thermostat If you have applied the tips mentioned above like changing your thermostat settings, but your air conditioning unit is still not functioning, maybe it is time to check what’s inside your unit. But before doing this, be sure that your device is not turned on and ensure that it is not switched on any electrical outlet If you have previous experience with wiring and electric circuits, you can check if there are any loose wiring. Otherwise, it is advisable to call in the air conditioning contractor because they have the right tools and training to perform such tasks.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

The Importance of Air Conditioning Repair This Summer

air-conditioning-200x300.jpgAir conditioning repair is something you might require throughout the warm, summer season. In some places, an air conditioning system is utilized all the time and having a system that is functioning effectively is necessary. If it is not functioning appropriately, it will not have the ability to cool your residence. It might even trigger an increase in power cost due to the fact that the system might be running inefficiently. If you are dealing with issues such as this, you will need a service that provides air conditioning repair solutions. Discovering a business that is devoted to its clients is essential, as well as this is the sort of business that you must search for. A lot of these businesses not just supply household repair services, yet they will fix industrial systems.

Why Air Conditioning Repair is important

Along with supplying repair work solutions, an HVAC repair service might additionally offer numerous other solutions that relate to this crucial element in your house. This consists of the installation of the air conditioner. If your system is not working efficiently, they can conveniently change it with a brand-new system. The brand-new system will be able to cool your residence quicker and will function more effectively. This indicates that you will save money every month on your power expenses. Possibly your system is great, yet you can perhaps have unclean air ducts throughout your house. An air conditioning repair service such as this can clean every one of your duct, leaving your residence cleaner and stopping the spread of bacteria and germs throughout your residence. An additional point you might require is a brand-new thermostat. A thermostat regulates your residence's temperature level. If your own is unreliable or is not functioning, have a brand-new one set up. You can also have an automated thermostat installed. These are programmable making it very easy for you to change the temperature levels in your house at various times of the day without ever before touching the thermostat. If you notice all of a sudden that your air has stopped working, you can call an air conditioning Myrtle Beach repair service for an emergency inspection. Several businesses provide this solution and it does not matter what time of day it is. They will have your cooling up and running to ensure that you are not uncomfortable in this. They will immediately involve your residence, evaluate the troubles and also obtain them dealt with rapidly. Calling a cooling repair firm is the most effective action you can do in case your air conditioner malfunctions. The specialists at an HVAC business can quickly identify all sorts of troubles as well as repair them to ensure that they are functioning again. You can also schedule regular upkeep. The repair professionals can come to your house and check the system to ensure that whatever is clean and functioning appropriately. This will help your system in good running condition and can assist you to prevent blackouts when you truly require the air conditioning unit to be functioning. Grand Strand Heating and Cooling can help you.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Important Times When You Need an Air Conditioning Repair and Inspection Professional

HVAC-Myrtle-Beach-300x199.jpgJust like any device at home, keeping it properly functioning through regular maintenance is important. This is also the same with your air conditioning system which needs regular maintenance and repair to keep it running efficiently. There is a number of repair and maintenance work that could do on your own with the assistance of complete guidelines as well as a couple of devices. However, other tasks should be entrusted to an HVAC expert. So how do you know when to call a person when to do it on your own? Regular as well as extensive inspections are just some of the most integral parts of keeping your air conditioning system. Inspections must be done two times a year, particularly at the start of summer and before winter.

When do you need the services of an air conditioning professional?

Changing filters and vents Every homeowner understands that you need to change your filters each month or two, based on the kind of filters you utilize and your choices. You could change your filter twice a year if they end up being noticeably unclean and if air ducts need to be vacuumed. At times like this, you could use house cleaning products, or a mix of vinegar and water works completely. Make sure that parts are completely dried out prior to changing the filters. Inspect all air vents around your home for indications of damages. Air ducts Your air conditioning system has a great deal of exposed duct. Each of these should be examined for signs of deterioration, damages, as well as loosened installations. Also keep an eye out for signs that air is escaping the air ducts, such as streaks of dust. If you find that there are more problems in the duct than what you expect, it is time to call in the professionals. Heat pump A properly maintained condensing system coil is crucial to correct heat pump procedure. Other exterior system upkeep consists of: Examine the condensing system's base-pan drainpipe holes and also eliminate any type of particles. It is also important to inspect the device's the electrical wiring insulation. Compressors You must also constantly watch on your exterior air compressor to prevent dried leaves from entering it. You can do this at least twice a year, at the start of every season. Look for damages and take the cover off to examine the blades for damages. If the blades are broken, it is time to call in the air conditioning Myrtle Beach expert. It is not safe to change the blades on your own. Usually, these inspections should be done by an expert because they have the necessary tools and skills to evaluate if your air conditioner is still in good running condition or needs repair.

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Friday, 22 May 2020

What You Need To Know When Working with An Air Conditioning Contractor

Heating-System-Myrtle-Beach-300x200.jpgWorking with a heating and cooling contractor in Myrtle Beach could be  demanding, particularly if you want to make sure the correct HVAC system installed in your home. However, it should not be that hard if you know what to expect.

Working with an Air Conditioning Contractor in Myrtle Beach

Try to work with known air conditioning contractors in your area If you plan to work with a contractor in your area, be sure to collaborate with a recognized firm. To put it simply, get some referrals from family and friends. Working with a company whose services have been referred by friends makes it easier to entrust your HVAC system. Make sure that the company is insured Even if the heating and cooling company is referred by people you know, it won’t hurt to ensure if the company is insured and has a valid license to operate. Make sure to ask the referrals whether the specialist completed the work within the budget plan and within the time indicated in the agreement. Get a composed, thorough quote & agreement Your Myrtle Beach heating and cooling specialist can offer in-depth, itemized price quotes along with in-depth agreements. This is to protect both you and the service provider when something unexpected comes up or from problems that may arise. Just make sure you read and agree to the fine print. Do not rely on cheap quotes When you are collecting proposals for your task, keep in mind to concentrate on the total quality of the job and not simply on cost. Some firms complete just on cost and their job might not be the quality you prefer. Additionally, sometimes the most affordable cost could wind up costing you even more over time because of bad craftsmanship. Find a specific person accountable When working with an HVAC contractor make sure to assign a family member in-charge of communicating with them. It is best that one family member and a specific person from the HVAC company do the communicating to avoid confusion. If it is you, just be sure to hand down details to your family members though, so they additionally recognize just what to anticipate. Make all communication formal through writing Be sure to document every agreement or interaction through writing. The majority of people utilize e-mail today so that must not be hard. Additionally, if you talk with the service provider face to face, back it up by sending out an e-mail to validate exactly what you discussed and request verification. Now, working with a heating and cooling company should not be hard if you read the following tips. There have been previous cases when professionals did not fulfill any part of the job agreed because of factors like budget and time. So be sure to protect yourself, your budget and time by doing writing everything in agreement when trying to work with contractors.

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