Friday, 17 July 2020

Air Conditioning Tips To Help Reduce Your Energy Consumption

air-conditioning-1-300x200.jpgEvery homeowner is looking for effective air conditioning tips to help them reduce their energy consumption and lower their utility bills. It is true that air conditioning systems use the most electricity in every Myrtle Beach home. Below is a list of air conditioning Myrtle Beach tips that you can use to help you become more energy efficient and not spend as much money on your utility.
  1. Install ceiling fans
Ceiling fans make the cold air from your air conditioners circulate better and last longer. Thus, you will not need to run your cooling units longer and set them in the lowest temperature, requiring them to use a lot of electricity. Do not worry about investing in ceiling fans because there are lots of models and brands available in the market today that are affordable, cost effective and highly efficient. Another great thing about ceiling fans is that they do not require a huge amount of electricity to operate. So you are not adding a lot of strain on your electricity bill.
  1. Invest in programmable thermostats or smart timers
During the hot days of summer, programmable thermostats or smart timers will become your best friends. Once installed, set the timer to switch at the time that you are returning back from work. As such, you do not have to run your air conditioner for the entire day just to keep your house cool and ensure that a cool and comfortable house will greet you when you come home from work. You can also use them to automatically switch off your air conditioners in the middle of the night when the temperature has dropped down. There are lots of brands and models of smart timers and programmable thermostats available in many local home improvement stores or home depots. Make sure that the brand or model you purchase is compatible with your brand and type of air conditioner. Seek professional assistance from a Myrtle Beach air conditioning contractor when unsure which brand to buy. Grand Strand Heating And Cooling will help you find the best and most cost effective thermostat for your air conditioner.
  1. Regularly clean or replace your air conditioner filter
Many air conditioner tips include regularly cleaning and replacing the air filters. The primary reason for this is because these filters can easily get clogged with accumulated dirt and dust. And when they are clogged, they prompt your air conditioner to work harder and use up more electricity. Thus, it will help if you set a schedule for replacing or cleaning your air conditioner filters. Do this at least once a month depending on how frequent you use your air conditioner.
  1. Use an energy efficient air conditioner
Because more and more individuals are looking to live a more energy efficient lifestyle, manufacturers of air conditioners continues to integrate an energy efficient feature to their products. If you are still using an older model of air cooling units, it is probably time to replace it with an energy efficient one. You will get back the money you spent in the purchase from all the savings that the energy efficient air conditioner will generate from your monthly utility bills. Experts highly recommend buying an air conditioner with the Energy Star seal as these have been repeatedly proven to use less energy when operating.
  1. Take better care of your air conditioning units
Taking better care of your air conditioning units and ensuring they are in efficient working condition will make your cooling units last longer and prevent them from getting damaged and causing you a lot of trouble. Aside from using more electricity when running a damaged air conditioner, you are also putting your and your family’s safety at risk. Basic maintenance for your air conditioners include regular cleaning, placing your condenser unit in a shaded area of the house and ensuring it is not blocked or covered with debris, dirt, fallen leaves and broken branches. For better maintenance, hire a professional air conditioning contractor to conduct regular cleaning and checkup for your air conditioners.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your HVAC System

HVAC-300x200.jpgEverybody wants to live in a comfortable house. So, you have to make sure that your HVAC system is working properly all year round. Here are some changes you can make to your HVAC system to improve its efficiency. Schedule An Annual Maintenance HVAC systems need regular maintenance to boost their efficiency and performance. So, make sure to have a regular HVAC maintenance service during spring and fall to avoid breakdowns and problems. Change The Filter Regularly Change your filter regularly. It will help prevent breakdowns improve its efficiency and air quality of your HVAC unit. Check or change your filter at least once a month. In case it is looks filthy or clogged, then it is time to have it changed. Use A Programmable Thermostat If you are not making the most out of your programmable thermostat, then make sure that it is one of your priorities. A programmable thermostat will lessen the need for heating and cooling, which will ease the load on the HVAC system. You can save as much as 15% every year on your heating and cooling bill by switching back the programmable thermostat between 10 degrees and 15 degrees for eight hours per day. Have The Ductwork Inspected Your living habits generate dander, dust and several other air pollutants that get pulled into your HVAC system and then circulated back into your indoor air. So, if you have not done this over the last five years, make sure to start having the air duct inspected by your HVAC contractor to get rid of the debris that vacuum cleaner hose cannot get to. Ask For A Home Energy Audit A home energy audit is an excellent way to determine how much energy you are using and how efficient your HVAC Myrtle Beach system is. Think About System Upgrades Replacing outdated an HVAC system is a significant investment, however, it is also the biggest step that you can take to boost the comfort, air quality as well as the energy efficiency of your home.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Top Four Professional Tips on Choosing an HVAC Expert

myrtle-beach-hvac-300x200.jpg myrtle beach hvac Knowing how to choose an ideal HVAC expert is important because not all of them are the same. Doing your research could reveal the distinction between obtaining a strong, skilled air conditioner expert and getting scammed. In some places, people pretend to be experts when they are just simple handymen with trucks and a label. However, do not think that all HVAC experts are not what they say they are. Not all of them misbehave. To help you with this dilemma, here are a few things to remember when choosing an ideal HVAC Expert

How To Find The Best HVAC Expert

  1. Watch out for HVAC Contractors who provide quotes over the phone. 
Be careful of these experts who can give an estimate over the phone. This is because there are several factors to consider that an expert needs to personally check to be able to give an appropriate quote. These factors include:
  • Ducting
  • An appropriate quantity of signs up each area
  • Type of insulation
  • Home windows types
None of these could be checked through phone conversation only. So once somebody provides you a proposal over the phone, they are either unskilled or are attempting to get your service without checking your unit first.
  1. Check whether the HVAC contractor is updated with current technologies.
It is not enough that a heating and cooling service can claim they have over 20 years of experience. There are brand-new as well as interesting modern technologies that lower your energy prices and are a lot more reliable at cooling down. Make sure your professional is experienced enough to show the different technologies that help you lower your energy bill but help maintain your heating and cooling system.
  1. Your HVAC contractor should be accredited by South Carolina’s Licensing Board
Your Heating and Cooling contractor should be accredited by South Carolina’s Licensing Board. There are several HVAC contractors who declare to be certified but are in fact, functioning under the radar. You do not want a person who is not really shutting off your gas line, or appropriately dealing with a cooling agent. A specialist needs to have their permit number plainly noted on the majority of, otherwise all, of their leaflets and on their internet site.
  1. Beware about choosing an HVAC contractor offering the most affordable quote.
More than 25% of people who claim to have bargained service installation say that their air conditioning unit suddenly stopped working. Grand Strand Heating and Cooling, advises homeowners to be wary of promos and discounts from fraudulent people. Try to get several quotes from different HVAC experts in your area. Ask about how long it takes for them to do the job and the materials and products they use. Just remember that it is less costly to choose a contractor in advance, even if they are a bit more costly if that expert knows everything about heating and cooling systems and has adequate experience performing such repairs.

When it comes to heating and cooling repair and maintenance, do not settle for anything less, call Grand Strand Heating and Cooling now!

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Monday, 6 July 2020

Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning Guidelines For Proper Care

air-contioning-300x200.jpgMyrtle Beach homeowners are well aware of how important proper care and maintenance is for their air conditioning units. Aside from the savings they could generate from not paying for the repairs and replacements, properly taking care and maintaining air conditioning units, especially during cold months, helps ensure the comfort of your entire family. Keep in mind that your air conditioning and heating units work harder during the winter season to help keep your family warm and comfortable. You need to return the favor by properly taking care of your HVAC units.

Below are guidelines that you can follow to properly take care of your Myrtle Beach air conditioning units.

1.Replace filter at least once every 3 months – If you use disposable air filters, you need to replace them at least once every 3 months. If you use your air conditioners more frequently, replace it more often. You can also consider using reusable air filters so you won’t have to buy air filters repeatedly. Reusable filters can be washed and replaced back to your unit. Speak with your air conditioner manufacturer and ask for recommendations on reusable air filters. 2. Check the efficiency of your Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit – Sometimes, even though you properly take care and maintain your units, problems still arise. This is most specifically true for older units. To effectively know whether or not your unit has problems, you will need to check and measure its efficiency by checking the temperature of the air that it blows as well as by listening to unusual sounds it makes when operating. You’ll know that your Myrtle Beach air conditioning unit is not working properly if there is at least 15-18 degrees difference between the temperature of the air that it blows out and the temperature that comes in through the air vent. Likewise, if you hear unusual buzzing noise or thumps while your unit is operating, you will need to call in a professional and have them do a full check on your air conditioner. 3. Learn proper use and setting of the thermostat – Each member of the household should learn how to properly use and set the thermostat. Don’t let younger kids play with the thermostat setting. To prevent this from happening, make sure you install the thermostat somewhere that is inaccessible to the kids’ little curious hands. If you want to arrive at an already warm home after going out for the day, invest on automatic thermostats which you can automatically set to start warming up the house 30 minutes before you arrive. There are thermostats that you can even control using your smartphone if you are not sure what time you will be home.

air-conditioning-2-300x201.jpgSchedule Repairs With Heating And Cooling Myrtle Beach Experts

One of the most critical responsibilities of homeowners is scheduling their central air systems for repairs and maintenance with heating and air Myrtle Beach professionals. Even if you regularly clean and take better care of your HVAC system, problems and damages can still arise. This is why many homeowners benefit from scheduling a heating and Grand Strand Heating And Cooling to conduct an overall inspection of their HVAC units and check for signs of a problem or needed repair. According to many industry experts, regularly scheduling heating and cooling units for overall cleaning and maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs. This is in addition to the regular cleaning that you do to keep your heat pump running smoothly and efficiently. Remember that the basic cleaning that you do helps keep dust and debris from accumulating in the vents and filters and, eventually, clogging the entire system. Professional cleaning and maintenance, on the other hand, helps keep your heating and cooling system in tip-top shape so that it will not fail you when you need them the most, particularly during summer and winter seasons. Another great benefit of regularly scheduling your HVAC units for professional cleaning and maintenance is that it helps your system become more energy efficient. If your heating and cooling units are working efficiently and in need of no repairs, then it will function and operate efficiently as well and not use a lot of energy even if you leave it on for 24 hours. Plus, the residential heating and air Myrtle Beach company that you are working with can provide you with suggestions and recommendation on how to make your home more energy efficient to help your heating and cooling units produce and maintain a suitable indoor temperature.

When to schedule for professional cleaning and maintenance?

The best time to schedule your heating and cooling units for professional cleaning and maintenance is during the change of seasons – like now in the spring. This is when the weather is really nice outside, not too cold as in the height of winter or summer and this is when you are less frequently using your heating and cooling unit. Basically, the services included in the heating and air Myrtle Beach inspection and tune-up includes the following:
  • Cleaning air filters, replacing them if necessary.
  • Removing all debris from the compressor housing. Note that dust and debris can accumulate here especially when you use your heating and cooling units around the clock.
  • Checking all ductwork for the presence of any clogs or blocks and removing them. These clogs will make it more difficult for the system to function and produce cold or warm air. As a result, it will use a lot of electricity and cause your monthly utility bills to increase.
There are other services included in the overall inspection and maintenance. If you have not hired an air conditioning contractor to work with, you should begin looking for one now even if your heating and cooling units are not yet due for a checkup. It helps if you have a professional service contractor you can call when your system fails or breaks down.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Is Proper Timing Important When Scheduling An Air Conditioning Repair?

air-conditioning-300x200.jpgInquire from a dozen HVAC specialists about the key to less frequent and pricey air conditioning repair and prolonged systems life and they will affirm with certainty that routinely scheduled preventive maintenance and cleaning is the key. In the summertime, improper functioning of air conditioning systems can result in high indoor temperatures. Proper timing is therefore of supreme importance when it comes to scheduling the air conditioning repair. Another benefit of having well-timed routine maintenance is that it helps to detect any problem with your A/C system, thereby guaranteeing you that your system will not falter or even break down, which can possibly cost you an arm and a leg in repair and replacement. Furthermore, with the costs of energy skyrocketing each passing day, a properly functioning unit consumes less energy and you pay less monthly bills. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians and contractors have the necessary practical experience, competence and expertise in numerous elements and aspects related to ventilation, heating, and air conditioners operations. They also have the necessary equipment and are better educated in knowing which tool/equipment to use where and for what reason. You should, therefore, hire them for all year round servicing of your system.

What Is The Ideal Time For Scheduling Your Air Conditioning Repair?

The Myrtle Beach HVAC system ensures that you are comfortable in most times of the year. During the cold months of winter, your HVAC system works around the clock to make you, along with your family warmer and comfortable. As the summer season continues, it works even harder to make them cozy and cool. With all right intents and reasons, you need to have your air conditioning Myrtle Beach serviced in between wintertime and just before the summer season. It is far better to have a service call carried out when the outdoor temperatures are warmer. At this time, you are less likely to need them to maintain the indoor temperatures. Likewise, servicing should also be done when the temperatures are cooler than they will be in summer. So, what is the ideal time? The ideal for servicing is springtime right before the temperatures begin to rise and again in the fall when the temperatures start to drop. The HVAC contractor you choose to contact will certainly make an appointment and visit your place of residence so as to access, and effectively inspect every part of your system. You should ensure that you are free on the appointed day. The technician undertakes a number of inspections and maintenance but this will typically include:
  • Replacing and cleaning the air filters.
  • Tightening the loose screws.
  • Removing any dirt, rubble, and debris that might be present in the compressor unit.
  • Eliminating any blockage in grills or duct-work.
The majority of air conditioning repair professionals will have a routine maintenance guide/checklist anytime they show up in your home for service. The types of maintenance services and repairs they might conduct are vast. Nevertheless, regardless of the maintenance service and repair type they choose to perform, it will greatly help in ensuring that the system functions effectively throughout summer, and without any hitch. Taking into account that your HVAC system plays a central role in your health, your ease and comfort, and your overall well being, the cash you spend for routine preventive repairs and maintenance will greatly ensure that you lead a comfortable life. Besides, it goes a long way in ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and fresh, which is a big plus for people suffering from asthma and/or are allergic. To derive maximum benefits, the issue of hiring a technician fitted for the job comes into play. After all that is said and done, you have to ensure that the person doing the services has the necessary qualifications. In case you have never hired a service technician or an air conditioning specialist/contractor before, background research is essential. Make sure that the one you settle on is certified, bonded and insured for the work. Ensure that they are from a reputable company in Myrtle Beach. This goes a long way in helping you do away with fly by night companies while ensuring that servicing and repair work is done appropriately.

Now is a good time to call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling for your air conditioning repair needs.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

When You Need An Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

air-conditioning-6-300x200.jpgIf you are living in a place with warmer climate or if you are currently enduring hot summer months, emergency air conditioner repair is one of your main priorities especially when your system breaks down unexpectedly. But, this shouldn’t be the only time you ensure that your unit is always in top condition. Since an air conditioning system is an important component of any office, apartment, or home, and often considered as a necessity by many people, this system needs to be fully functional at all times.

Why Do You Need Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

At the same time, since it is used regularly, and because of the fact that it contains various components that deteriorate over time, emergency air conditioner repair Myrtle Beach is inevitable. Having said that, it’s not only about ensuring your unit gets repaired once it has broken down and left you to sweat because of the heat for several days. To ensure that you take great care of the unit and remain on top of the problem, there are several times when it could be best to get in touch with your air conditioning repair contractor. The most obvious and best time for an air conditioner contractor to check and test your unit is before the time of the year when you will be using the system the most. For several people, this between the spring time and summer. During these seasons, your system will be used regularly. The units that have been sitting idly by during the colder seasons may start to exhibit problems. For homeowners who have just finished different kinds of construction projects around their houses, including renovation, replacement of other systems, or other comprehensive projects that might have involved working close to the air conditioning system, having a contractor check the unit out to make sure that nothing has been damaged or compromised is good proactive move that you can make. Additionally, in case you are thinking of selling your house, ensuring that your air conditioning unit is working properly is very important. Since potential homeowners will most certainly want to make sure that everything in the house is working properly, they may likely want for their own contractor to check the unit and the entire house. Lastly, if you are planning to buy a house or any similar structure, let an air conditioning repair company to check the state of the system you are about to purchase. This is a smart move. It will save you the hassle of having to deal with problems later on and avoid wasting money in the future.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Hot Summer Air Conditioning Repair Tips

air-conditioning-5-300x200.jpgTo keep your cool all summer long, you should have already “tuned up” your entire heating and cooling system before the hot weather hits, but even if you didn’t do that, it’s not too late to call for a quick “once over.”  It may save you bunches of cash later on when the sweltering heat of July and August and even the Indian summer days of September and October take their toll. A few simple air conditioning repair tweaks here and there are all it will take to ensure that your air conditioning unit is operating at maximum efficiency and will keep you cool as long as the temperatures are rising outside.

Here are a few tips from Myrtle Beach Air Conditioning experts and from the United States Department of Energy

  • Weather stripping - It’s not enough to just keep the warm air outside your home; you have to keep the cool air inside as well.  Pay close attention to the weather stripping around your doors and windows, and the caulking, too.  It’s wise to have lots of insulation both in the attic as well as underneath a home that is not sitting on a slab.
  • Vents- How are your vents working?  Is the air flowing freely and properly?  Check out the ductwork for airflow leaks in the form of holes or even joints that are separated.  You could try to fix these things on your own, but the safest and wisest thing to do is call a air conditioning contractor.
  • Ducts - Sometimes your Myrtle Beach air conditioning system will require that ducts actually reside in spaces that are not air conditioned themselves, (garages, attics, crawl spaces, for example) and in these situations, the insulation of this conduits is critical.  Use lots of insulation material on your air conditioning ducts when they are found in spaces that are not cooled, such as in your garages, crawl spaces under your house, or in your attics.
  • SEER Rating - Do you know what your SEER rating is for your cooling system?  If you don’t, you should.  Those letters mean:  seasonal energy efficiency rating. With a higher SEER rating, your cooling system will be more efficient, and your power bills should be lower. You can upgrade to a unit with a higher SEER rating and save hundreds of dollars during the year on your electric bills. Should you need to replace your air conditioning unit or system, you should note that the United States Department of Energy passed a law that requires that all new cooling systems manufactured after January 23, 2006, must have a SEER rating of at least 13.

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