Thursday, 13 February 2020

Understanding Your Heat Pump: How It Works

heat-pump-300x227.jpgThere are many systems available for maintaining temperature control in your home, from central heating and cooling systems to window air condition units and portable heaters to heat pumps. At one time, central heating and cooling were considered the best and most desirable system to have, but in recent years, heat pumps have been becoming more prevalent especially here in Myrtle Beach. There are several reasons for the increase in heat pump popularity. For one, heat pumps are more energy efficient. They do not generate heat; rather, they take air and convert it into heat, so they require less energy. Their increased energy efficiency means they are also less expensive to run than traditional central heating systems, making them extremely desirable to homeowners. But how do they work? Understanding the processes behind heat pump technology will help you decide if one is right for you or help you maintain the pump you already have.

How does heat pump work?

The idea behind a heat pump Myrtle Beach is relatively simple. Even if it is freezing cold outside, there is still heat in the air. You just can’t feel it when you are outside. Your heat pump can detect that air, however, and it pulls that heated air into the pump and then funnels it into your home. You will not detect any difference between this kind of heat and central heating, which works by actually heating up the air and then releasing it into your home. However, because the air is naturally heated rather having the system expend energy to heat it, the heat pump is more energy efficient and less expensive to run. When it comes to air conditioning system, the way the heat pump works is similar – it just works in reverse. A common misconception about heat pumps is that they pull cool air in from outside and funnel it into your home, but that is incorrect. In reality, the heat pump registers the warm air inside your home as it does in the winter with the warm air outside. Then, it removes that warm air from your home and pumps it outside, reducing the temperature in your home. Again, because the heat pump does not have to actually cool any air artificially, the operating cost and energy expenditure is less than a normal central air conditioning system.

Is a heat pump for everyone?

If you live in a place with extreme temperatures, such as very cold winters or very hot, humid summers, then you may find that a heat pump doesn’t provide enough temperature control for you. Moderate climates, like Myrtle Beach, are ideal for heat pumps. Likewise, they may not be best for very large properties. For everyone else, however, heat pumps can be an ideal way to control your energy costs.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2020

What You Need To Know About Geothermal Heating

  heating-300x204.jpg heating Among the most cost-effective, long-term solutions for heating and air conditioning is the ground-source heat pump, more typically known as a geothermal heating system. This system utilizes the natural capacity of the earth’s soil or groundwater to keep heat, storing this heat and sending it to homes and other buildings. The groundwater and soil of the earth keep a rather continuous temperature level a couple of feet below the ground surface area making geothermal systems a reliable technology for heating and cooling. While new building might include geothermal heating, this type of system can be retrofitted into existing buildings and homes for heating and cooling and even offer a warm water source. You can lower your energy footprint, conserves on your utility costs and do your part in decreasing contamination by relying less on nonrenewable fuel sources. The majority of geothermal heating systems move the heat from groundwater or soil through making use of a matrix of tubes called closed loops or open loops. Closed loops utilize antifreeze and water option distributing through what is called a ground loop which enables the extraction of heat from the earth. Open loops utilize well water to utilize as the source of heat and when utilized is gone back to another well or a drainage compartment. Each geothermal heating unit contains a ground loop, an indoor heat pump, and a flow center which links the outdoor and indoor heating devices together. The heat pump removes the heat from one area (the earth) and deposits it to another (the home) utilizing the ground loop as the channel for transfer. The open or closed loop systems constantly transfer the liquid over and over to maintain the transference of heat. The beauty of geothermal heating systems is that they can be utilized for almost any size home. Cooling is likewise achieved throughout warm seasons using the geothermal heating system. In this circumstance, the process of drawing heat into the home is reversed. The system draws heat away from the home and transferred to the earth for absorption. This geothermal process is a lot more energy efficient than a regular air conditioning unit for keeping the house cool throughout warmer weather condition. The size of the geothermal heater will determine the cost you can expect to pay. The approximate investment can differ from $3,000 to $8,000 but the system lasts much longer than traditional heating and cooling Myrtle Beach methods– about 30 years! In contrast, traditional central air conditioning and heater run about $3,000 to $4,000 and cost more monthly to run than geothermal units. If you are in the process of preparing to build or remodel a home, it is the best chance to consider integrating a geothermal heating system. Not only is it more energy efficient to heat and cool your home, it is likewise a “green” technology. Jump on the environmentally friendly bandwagon and save cash in the long run too!

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Friday, 7 February 2020

All About Air Source Heat Pump

heat-pump-300x201.jpgAn air resource heat pump is a reliable way of cooling and heating your residence or business. They work on power and utilize the air temperature level outside to warm or cool down a structure. They have a cooling agent system that includes a condenser and a compressor. Generally, it takes in warm air in one area and releases it in another.

Where are air source heat pumps used?

  • These air source heat pumps Myrtle Beach are mainly utilized to heat up a structure, yet they could also be utilized to cool down a building.
  • In places with modest temperature levels, they could give all the cooling and heating requirements for a structure.
  • They are likewise used to heat water by as much as 80ÂșC. Occasionally they need to be coupled with even more standard methods of home water heating because they cannot accommodate really cold temperature levels.

An Air Source Heat Pump

In the winter season, they eliminate heat from the outside air and launch that heat right into your home. On the other hand, it takes the warm air inside and releases it outside. A lot of conventional pumps just function well in favorable temperature levels so as soon as the temperature level goes down, it becomes really challenging to draw out heat from the air. Some pumps have actually been created to handle colder temperature levels; nevertheless, these pumps are most reliable in locations with light to modest winter seasons. An air source heat pump is composed of two heat exchanger coils. One lies outside and draws out heat from the air. The other coil lies inside which releases warm air right into a heating system or water tank, such as an under the flooring heater. A refrigerant lies in these coils as well and moves with the system taking in and releasing ambient heat. These pumps are sturdy, commonly enduring twenty or thirty years, and they are a lot more effective compared to standard electrical heating units. However, they cost more compared to typical systems and are usually paired with heating in cases when it gets colder for the pump to operate. The performance of these pumps is gauged by something called the coefficient of efficiency or performance, which is determined in units. For instance, the majority of heat pumps generate 3 to 4 units of heat for each one unit of power they utilize. While these pumps cost more to buy and install, they could reduce your home heating expenses substantially because of the fact that you are not producing heat, but are merely moving it from one location to another. Ground source and water source pumps do the very same thing that an air source pump does, yet they are usually more costly. As an example, to mount a ground source heat pump, you need to dig deep into and set up the coil in the ground.

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Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Heat Pumps: Yes or No?

Myrtle-Beach-heat-pumps-300x256.jpgHeat pumps are popular nowadays, from commercials to building contractors and also specialists, heat pumps have actually gained customer’s interest in the last few years. Some people even speak highly of them and say that they prefer this over main heating and cooling system. It is safe to say that heat pumps are most likely to change main systems totally. So if you are upgrading your temperature level control system, a heat pump is the only reasonable choice you have. But is this true in all cases? The truth is, there are some people who do no prefer heat pumps at all. They could make a great alternative for some houses, yet under the incorrect conditions, heat pumps could be an issue plus a waste of money.

Here are reasons to help you decide whether to get that heat pump or not.

 Initially, why do so many individuals like heat pump Myrtle Beach technology? For one, the price has a whole lot to do with it. Central heating and air conditioning systems call for the acquisition of two different systems, however, a heat pump warms and also cools down with just a single device. This goes to show that purchasing a heat pump solves two issues, thus a reduction in cost. It also lessens upkeep expenses since you only have a device to clean. Additionally, heat pumps are less costly to operate on an everyday basis. Central heating and cooling systems synthetically warm or cool air then spread it around the home. Heat pumps, on the other hand, deal with the warm air that currently exists in the room. Even on cool days, warm air is still present in the air, thus heat pumps get rid of the heat from the air and distribute it around the house. In the summer season, the heat pump takes the warm air inside and then pump it outside, which aids to decrease the temperature level within your house. Heat pump help save electricity because there is no manipulation of artificial air. Naturally, there are also some disadvantages to the heat pump that make them not suitable for every house. If it becomes extremely chilly like below 40 degrees during the winter, or if it gets really hot in the summer, a heat pump merely is unqualified to do the job. Your house will become uncomfortable during these times. An even large house cannot be accommodated by a heat pump alone. Personal preferences also limit other people from buying heat pumps. If you want your house to be extra warm or extra cold, a heat pump alone will not work. They only supply modest temperature levels just. Consider the following options above prior to opting for a heat pump.

For more information on heat pumps, you can call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling.

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Friday, 31 January 2020

Quick And Easy HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

HVAC-2-300x200.jpgDuring these cold months is when you need your HVAC in tip-top shape. Having your heat pump break down or give up on you, when you needed it the most, is not only devastating and stressful but also costly and a cause of the delay. It would be extremely difficult to find a legit and highly skilled local service contractor at this time of year to assist you with your problems. And if you’ve already got one, they often have a busy schedule that they wouldn’t be able to get to you in weeks, which really wouldn’t work for you.

So before you try and call an HVAC service contractor, consider these quick and easy troubleshooting tips first.

  • Check your thermostat
As simple as this may sound, you’ll be surprised how many homeowners call service contractors for emergency repair when their only problem is that they failed to adjust their thermostat at the right temperature setting. Check whether yours is at the right setting and adjust as you see fit. Do this regularly especially after cleaning as the thermostat could easily get moved when dusting.
  • Clean or replace your filter
According to HVAC experts, sometimes the problems you are having with your heat pump could easily be fixed by cleaning or replacing your filters. If you have non-disposable filters, make sure you’ve cleaned them completely before putting them back. If you have disposable filters, have extras at home that will last you for several months so you won’t have to brave the cold and rush to the nearest home depot to purchase a filter.
  • Replace your thermostat’s batteries
If your thermostat is run by batteries instead of being wired to your home’s electrical system, you should remember to replace the batteries when the sign is flashing on your thermostat. But if you missed the warning sign and your thermostat suddenly shut down, check the batteries first before calling for a professional HVAC contractor.
  • Find out if your heat pump is receiving electricity
Another common reason for your HVAC Myrtle Beach problems is that it’s not receiving sufficient electricity to function. To find out and confirm, turn ON your fan. Often, it is set to Auto, which means it will switch on when the equipment is turned on. Switch it ON and see if it will function. If it does then you can tell your heat pump receives sufficient electricity. Otherwise, you’ll need to call in your local electrician for assistance in ensuring your heat pump receives electricity.
  • Reset your circuit breaker
Sometimes, your heat pump just needs a reset. To do this, go to your breaker panel and find the circuit for your heat pump. Switch it off and then back on to reset the electrical connection and, thus, your heat pump as well.

Be sure you work only with licensed and highly skilled HVAC professionals for all your heat pump problems. Call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling if you have any issues with your HVAC unit.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Do’s And Don’ts In Cleaning Your Myrtle Beach HVAC Air Ducts

Myrtle-Beach-HVAC-300x200.jpgCleaning your Myrtle Beach HVAC air ducts is a critically important part of your maintenance routine. This is why it is necessary that you do this regularly and properly. Keep in mind that dust could accumulate anywhere including your air ducts. Failure to clean them regularly will result in the accumulation of these dust and other debris into a huge clog that will block and prevent clean and smooth airflow. However, you should keep in mind that cleaning air ducts can sometimes be destructive and damaging to your heating and ventilation system, especially if you overdo it or do it improperly.

To ensure that you are cleaning your Myrtle Beach HVAC air ducts correctly, here are some do’s and don’ts that you can follow.

1. Do start with cleaning or replacing your air filters. Create a schedule of when to clean or replace your air filters. If you have reusable ones, include in your cleaning or maintenance routine a specific day of the month when you should clean them. If you own disposable filters, you will want to include a schedule for buying new filters and replacing them. Note that the frequency of cleaning or replacing your filters will depend on how frequently you use your furnace and whether or not you are located in an area that is prone to dust (i.e. beside or near the road or construction of some sort).

2. Do not clean your air ducts on your own. You will most likely not have the right and necessary tools to accomplish the job. Basically, you need special rotary brushes and a high-powered vacuum. So unless you are a professional in the industry, or you have the money to buy these tools and the skills an efficiency to use them, you will have to hire professionals. Chances are you will save more when you hire HVAC contractors.

3. If you are going to clean the nonmetal parts of your ducts, do make sure that connections will not be dislodged or that walls won’t be torn. Both will quickly cause damage to your entire heating and cooling system. You will need to be very careful not to dislodge connections or cause gaps or holes in the wall.

4. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strongly suggests that you do clean your air ducts if there is presence of mold growth or signs of infestation by insects or rodents. In these instances, it is best to call in a professional to ensure proper work is done.

Looking for professional and highly trusted HVAC contractors to help you clean your air ducts? Call Grand Strand Heating And Cooling now.

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

HVAC Contractor Myrtle Beach On Heating System Failure

HVAC-contractor-300x200.jpgIn this article, a professional HVAC contractor in Myrtle Beach provides details and tips on heating system failures. No matter how efficient and regular you maintain your heating system, it often experiences failures especially when you need it the most, particularly during the winter season. One of the primary reasons according to experts is the freezing of water pipes, which causes all sorts of problems to your heat pump. And in extreme freezing cases, pipes could, unfortunately, burst. That means you have bigger and more costly problems to face. But don’t worry because there are some things you can do to prevent this.

What can you do to prevent costly repairs and replacements to your heating system?

Professional heat pump contractors suggest learning how to identify potential problems and failures as soon as possible before they cause damage to other parts of your heating system. This is aside from doing regular and proper maintenance, of course. You could also consider hiring a professional heating contractor to keep your heat pump in good working condition. A licensed and skilled professional would be able to identify and resolve your heating system’s issues and problems with speed and accuracy. However, a contractor may not always be able to heed your call and immediately go to your house to help you with your heating problems. During these situations, there are quick and easy fixes you can do until the contractor arrives. But keep in mind that these fixes are meant to resolve minor issues only. Major problems should always be left to the professionals.

Find out what caused the sudden failure of your heating system.

For this, you will need to conduct an overall observation of your heat pump. It is extremely important to identify whether you have partial loss of heat or total loss of heat. You should do this while waiting for your HVAC contractor Myrtle Beach so that when he arrives, you have information for him that will help him implement the necessary repairs much quicker.

• Partial loss of heat – You will know you have partial loss of heat if your heat pump is still running all throughout the day and night but is not giving out the same warm temperature of the air. According to experts, this problem is usually related to airflow problems.

For this, you or your contractor will have to look at your ductwork in the attic and in your crawl space as well as check your filters and fan motors. Look for anything that could obstruct smooth air flow such as accumulation of dust and debris in the air pipes or a very dirty filter. These obstructions not only prevent smooth air flow but they can also cause your heating system to eventually overheat, which is likely the reason you had partial loss of heat.

• Total loss of heat – To confirm if you have a total loss of heat, you will need to put your hand over your supply registers. If either cold air or no air comes out, you can be sure that you have a total loss of heat.

If this is the case, heat pump contractors will need to look at your main electrical panel and your HVAC’s supply power. This is to make sure a sufficient amount of electricity is being supplied to your HVAC so that it could monitor pressure and temperature. Keep in mind that your HVAC needs sufficient electricity to operate. Should the problem be caused by a lack of sufficient electrical supply, you may also have to call in your electrician.

Other things you may need to check

Aside from checking for total or partial heat loss, there are other things you may need to check to ensure proper and efficient operation of your heating system.

1. Thermostat Sometimes, homeowners tend to forget to switch on or change the batteries of their thermostat. If your heat pump has suddenly stopped operating or giving out the right temperature you have it originally set up, check your thermostat. It might have been accidentally switched off when you or a member of the household was cleaning or it might need a battery replacement.

Heating contractor Myrtle Beach professionals highly recommend switching off your heating system from your main electrical panel before changing the batteries of your thermostat. Sometimes, the sudden on and off of your heating system may result in short cycling, which may cause more severe damage to the entire system.

2. Rebooting your electrical system – There are cases when sometimes an electrical system reboot is required to restart your heating system. Sometimes, changing the air filters or cleaning the air ducts without rebooting messes up your heating system’s codes, causing errors. Rebooting your electrical system will remove the errors and allow your heating system to function normally. Make sure you wait for at least 15 seconds after switching your electrical system off before turning it back on again.

After switching your electrical system and heat pump back on, heating contractor Myrtle Beach professionals highly recommend waiting for your heating system to complete its power sequences before observing its operations. If it’s still not operating efficiently, report to your heating contractor at once.

3. Fuel ignition – You will need to check your heating system’s ignition if it is receiving a sufficient amount of gas and whether or not is igniting the fuel to produce heat. For this, you will need to switch off the thermostat and go to your heat pump. Have another member of the household switch the thermostat back on while you are still near your heat pump. While the thermostat is running check whether or not it is operating to ignite the fuel. Take note of your observations and report to your heating contractor.

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